Volunteering Program


In line with our core value: creating a better and sustainable world for generations to come, the Corporate Volunteering Program looks to create beneficial impact within the communities where we operate and the environment.


Our program is intended to be transversal as it involves a wide range of social activities promoted by the company with the common purpose of improving the quality of life and the sustainability of its communities.


The program will be based on three important areas: combating poverty and disaster relief, environmental protection and pushing technological education.


In terms of environmental protection we will carry out reforestation activities as well as coastal area clean-ups to raise environmental awareness and to reduce our carbon footprint, while simultaneously contributing to the United Nations' Social Development Goals (SDGs) 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life below Water) and 15 (Life on Land).


We also want to promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in order to inspire young people to pursue a carrer in those disciplines. Thereby we contribute to SDG 4: Quality Education.


Volunteering is key to our commitment to society. We are committed to involving our employees in improving our communities and the planet, and recognizing our dedicated colleagues, who give their time to help organize local volunteering events and motivate others to join the effort. They are a key part of our strategy.



Become now a volunteer by fulfilling this form!! (Only for Siemens Gamesa people)


Being a volunteer has several benefits: 

  •    You can multiply the scope of the help Siemens Gamesa gives to society
  •    You will learn and teach how to contribute to improvement
  •    It gives great pride belonging to a company that is committed to society and provides opportunities for its employees
  •    Contributing to good and meaningful work gives motivation and personal satisfaction


With the volunteering program, we are creating a "volunteer exchange" and we are going to give more strength and recognition to the figure of the volunteer. To this end, we will send an official Company Volunteer certificate to each employee who registers. We want to distinguish people who are committed to helping and provide them with recognition that demonstrates their commitment, which can be included in their CV´s and in any other place where we want to highlight the person's strengths. 


Volunteering is one of the keys to our commitment to society. The corporate volunteer program includes the figure of the Stars who give their time to help organize locally volunteer events, and to motivate other employees to join the effort. They are a key part of our strategy.


Don’t hesitate - join today! Together, we can make real what matters!

Star Volunteers

Zamudio Forest

More than 75 employees who help manage locally different volunteering events and motivate others to join the initiative. We already have Star Leaders in 14 countries. 

Who are they? 

  - They are Siemens Gamesa employees who are aware of the importance of social action and are motivated to push    Siemens Gamesa towards bringing hep to communities

  - What will they do? 

  - SGRE Stars will act as Ambassadors to the Social Commitment (SC) Team in the countries where they are based 

  - They are employees who voluntarily donate part of their time to the organization of social action activities 

  - In coordination with the SC team, they will help organize/coordinate events in the different countries

Event Calendar

Through the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we also meet the concerns of employees to engage with communities through volunteer activities.

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FIRST Lego League Regional Final in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on March 4, 2023

Girls take the lead at FIRST Lego League in Newcastle

On March 4th, Siemens Gamesa, through its area of Social Commitment, celebrated World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by organizing one of the United Kingdom’s FIRST Lego League regional tournaments in Newcastle upon-Tyne.

Newcastle upon Tyne
 (United Kingdom)
Add to Calendar 2023-03-31 16:19:16 2023-03-25 18:48:53 Girls take the lead at FIRST Lego League in Newcastle On March 4th, Siemens Gamesa, through its area of Social Commitment, celebrated World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by organizing one of the United Kingdom’s FIRST Lego League regional tournaments in Newcastle upon-Tyne. What was most surprising, and very encouraging, that day in Newcastle was girls’ participation. Close to 80%. “In a STEM group, that’s quite unusual,” said Jill Hoogewerf, who participated as a judge and referee. She works at Siemens Gamesa leading the Joint Operations Centre in the Services business unit, and she kindly volunteered on the day.  In fact, one of the teams was all female, coached by two young women in their late teens. They won the national competition years ago, and now they are supporting the new cohort of contenders.  “We are happy to be there inspiring a new generation with something we really enjoyed doing,” they said. It makes me very happy that the future is coming through with far more females being involved in STEM activities,” she added.   Through its area of Social Commitment, and in line with its strategy to promote STEM education, Siemens Gamesa supports initiatives such as FIRST Lego League, a worldwide educational program in robotics, and an international competition where children aged 6 to 17 create their own solutions to a real-world problem.  “Renewable energy is growing massively, which means we will need so much more recruitment. Whether that is technicians or engineers, engagement in schools is so important for the future,” said John Carter, Sales Support Project Manager at Siemens Gamesa. In the United Kingdom, Social Commitment support this program with the help of its local partner, The Institution of Engineering and Technology. On March 4th, forty-five students aged 11 to 15 from local schools competed in teams in Newcastle to give their best solutions to this year challenge related to energy, Super Powered.  Volunteers from Siemens Gamesa oversaw the competition, and rendered their verdicts on which team showed the best early engineering skills, and performance of their robots, to represent their region in the national final of the FIRST Lego League at Harrogate, North Yorkshire, on April 22, 2023.  Alex Fowler, Offshore sales Project manager volunteered that day. He also coordinates the Social Action group of volunteers in the United Kingdom.  “It is really inspiring to see lots of young children very enthusiastic and really talented in engineering, and so I believe that the future is in good hands,” he said. The choice was difficult, as Rachel Elliott, Project Accountant, put it: “there is not just one solution that people can do to make sure that things are made correctly and efficiently”. But after deliberation, the winning solution was presented by the team Caduceus, three girls and a boy.  They outlined a range of solutions to the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of their school buildings. The amount of diligence and creativity which had gone into the process was superb. They had even sourced external opinion from a local entrepreneur!  But Newcastle is not the only place where tournaments are taking place. From January to the end of March, other students are taking part in regional competitions organized worldwide. In Spain, for example, students who benefited from the robotics in-school program supported by Siemens Gamesa from 2020 to 2022 also took part in this competition in Navarre, while FS Ingenium team, also supported by Siemens Gamesa, qualified to go to the national final in Spain. FS Ingenium won the Global Innovation Award twice!  In Mexico, we awarded grants to 18 schools. Those schools are close to Siemens Gamesa wind farm sites, and in areas of high risk of educational exclusion.  These opportunities are rarely, if ever, available to sectors of the population outside the big cities. “These projects are important because they open up opportunities for young talent that would otherwise be left behind,” said Alejandra Herrera, who is also volunteering in First Lego League competitions in Mexico. In 2023, two of these schools have made it to the national finals.   Newcastle upon Tyne Siemens Gamesa Social Commitment Europe/Madrid public
Universities for Goal 13, 2nd edition

Second edition of the “Universities for Goal 13” with UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Add to Calendar 2023-03-31 17:18:45 2023-03-25 18:48:53 Second edition of the “Universities for Goal 13” with UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Siemens Gamesa and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network consolidate their alliance with the 2nd edition of Universities for Goal 13, after last year´s resounding success of this competition. “Universities for Goal 13” is a team competition. Students from selected university have the unique opportunity to propose, and work, on their own ideas to fight climate change (SDG13), while demonstrating their talent and skills on the international stage. The competition will start in January end in September 2023 during an awards ceremony which will take place in New York on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. From April to September 2023, teams from selected projects will have the support of the teaching staff and mentors from Siemens Gamesa. If you are interested in joining this initiative as a mentor, please sign-up here. Due to the great interest shown by SDSN’s network’s universities to reiterate the experience, four of the universities who ran in 2022 have signed up again: Tsinghua University in China, the University of Göttingen in Germany and the Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In 2023, they will be joined by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Nelson Mandela University from South Africa. The winning solution will be awarded USD 10,000 in prize money for further development and implementation. A total of 14 projects were selected to compete last year. The award ceremony took place on September 19, 2021 in New York. The winner of the first edition was Byte Rainforest of Tsinghua University in China with a solution that proposed a new pathway to realize the intangible value of rainforests as key carbon sinks.     Online Siemens Gamesa Social Commitment Europe/Madrid public