Forests of The Amazon

As you know, we are a company committed to society and the environment, with a focus on achieving the fulfillment of the UN Agenda 2030. One of our objectives is the fight against climate change.

Planting trees is one of the best, if not the best, way to capture CO2. That is why, the Social Commitment area, together with HSE, has launched the Forests of Siemens Gamesa, a reforestation initiative in countries where we are present.

As part of this project, we have created a Forest of Siemens Gamesa in the Amazon, which, as you know, is the lungs of our planet, and where forests absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than anywhere else in the world, being able to reach an average carbon capture of 0.2 tons per tree per year. This is because the land is rich in nutrients, especially phosphorus, so the trees and plants grow relatively faster given the favorable climatic conditions.

For that, we want our employees to be the protagonist of this great initiative giving every employee of Siemens Gamesa the opportunity to own a tree in our Amazon forest. All you have to do is fill in this form.

The data requested through the form will be sent to “Saving the Amazon,”, the organization in charge of planting the forest in the Amazon. “Saving the Amazon” will plant a tree with your name - as it appears in this questionnaire - and send you the access keys to all the information and photos about your tree every six months, so you will be able to follow its growth during the first three years. After that, the tree will be strong enough to grow on its own.

Indigenous people will plant 28,000 trees, so in addition to helping combat climate change, we are fighting poverty by giving work to 170 people for three years.

The Amazon

In Brazil, the Amazon has suffered immensely from deforestation fires in recent years, and we are joining forces with the ‘Saving the Amazon’ organization to support their efforts to conserve the Amazon by planting trees with local indigenous communities. We will sponsor 28,000 trees to be planted by local communities. Employee sponsors will be able to locate all the trees planted through a digital platform. Join this initiative and name a tree in this link:

NGO: Saving the Amazon


Volunteering activity with our China employees

Volunteering Program

In line with our core value: creating a better and sustainable world for generations to come, the Corporate Volunteering Program looks to create beneficial impact within the communities where we operate and the environment. In addition, this program brings the employees the opportunity to participate in the different activities learning about sustainability and promoting pride of belonging, engagement and motivation.

More than 3,000 employees have volunteered to help manage the different volunteering events locally and motivate others to join the initiatives.

Event Calendar

Through the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we also meet the concerns of employees to engage with communities through volunteer activities.

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Reforestación en Mexico

Forests of Mexico

From the Social Commitment Department and following our goals to fight against climate change, reduce CO2 emmissions and to meet the UN 2030 Agenda.

Nevado de Tuluca
Reforestación en el Bosque del Amazonas

Forests of The Amazon

In Brazil, we joined forces with ‘Saving the Amazon’ organization to support their efforts to conserve the Amazon by planting trees with local indigenous communities. We have sponsored 28,000 trees on behalf of employees.

The Amazon