Impact Project


SGRE Impact Project managed to promote positive changes in the local communities where Siemens Gamesa operates, however, there is still much to be done. As a company that is highly engaged with sustainability, Siemens Gamesa looks to continue bringing solutions to the communities where it operates, helping them develop in a sustainable manner, and becoming increasingly inclusive and independent.

Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and focused on SDG1 No poverty, SDG4 Quality education,  SDG13 Climate Change, SGG14 Life below water and SDG15 Life on earth.

Siemens Gamesa employees are call to action and on a year basis, they can submit they projects to be supported. Most of these projects are scheduled for a 12-month period and more than half of the projects will require some form of volunteering by Siemens Gamesa employees in these countries!


6th SGRE Impact Project




Since 2018, Siemens Gamesa’s SGRE Impact initiative, promoted by the Social Commitment department, encourages the company’s employees from around the world, to advocate causes they’re passionate about, and mobilize funding as well as volunteers in some cases, to participate in these projects. The goal: effect positive change in the local communities in which the global wind energy pioneer is present.



In line with our goals to combat poverty, fight against climate change and promote technological education in the communities where we operate, we are launching the 6th SGRE Impact Project edition focusing mainly on combating poverty. As Siemens Gamesa employee, we encourage you to take part in this project sending your proposals.



The focus area of this edition of the SGRE impact project will be social and humanitarian aid to combat poverty but, due to the paramount importance of promoting STEM education and mitigating climate change effects, projects related to these topics will be considered, as the Social Commitment department is committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically to the SDG1 No poverty, SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, SDG 15 Life on land. 



You can find all the information related to the application process, requirements and project implementation below. 


As Siemens Gamesa employee, we encourage you to take part in this project sending your proposals.


Application deadline is September 30th


Do you have any additional questions? Send your question to 


Application Process

You can submit your project by “Log In” at Social Commitment platform and filling online the application form.

Application requirements:
    Applicant must be a Siemens Gamesa employee
    Applicant must identify a social, environmental, or technological education action project that meets the selection criteria and project categories
    Applicant must work together with a registered organization/NGO for the social action project to be eligible for funding
    Applicant must complete the form online
    Each applicant can complete applications for multiple projects. However, make sure to fulfill a completed application form for each project
    Projects should not be started and should be scheduled to the beginning of January 2023

Requirements for selection:
    Project funding request should not exceed 45,000 euros
    Organization/NGO implementing the project must hold a valid tax and registration number
    Project application must be completed in English

If these requirements are not met, the projects are excluded from the selection process.

Selection Process

During the selection process, Siemens Gamesa’s Social Commitment team will review all applications carefully, score them according to the selection criteria, and create a short list of projects. The Selection Committee, made up of Siemens Gamesa’s top management, will then choose the final projects from the preselected projects.


Selection criteria:

   Number of volunteers (20%): Projects that allow SGRE employees to participate

   Number of beneficiaries (30 %): Priority is given to projects that will positively affect a large proportion of the community 

   Projects that add value to the business (20 %): Priority is given to projects that helps relationships with the communities and stakeholders

   Location of the project (30 %): Priority is given to projects that are developed in communities in which SGRE maintained or intends to maintain business activity

Project Implementation

Siemens Gamesa’s Social Commitment team will work closely with the applicant and the NGO on implementing the funded project.

Social Commitment team:

    Drafts the Memorandum of Understanding with the NGO 
    Ask for specific data requirement for KPI measures depending on the type of project: beneficiaries, volunteers, CO2 sequestration…  
    Ensures the transfer of funding
    Coordinates the communication of all project activities


    Is the focal person between the project organization and the Social Commitment team supporting the fulfillment of the above-mentioned responsibilities
    Informs the NGO of the result of the selection process
    Updates the Social Commitment team about any project activities or incidences that occur during the funding period
    Acts as the project’s ambassador for communication purposes, if required
    Ensures, together with the Social Commitment team, the provision of audio-visual material for communication purposes (photos, videos, interviews, quotes…)